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Choosing Dinnerware When You Can’t Afford the Whole Set

If you’re like a lot of people, you would love to have a nice set of dinnerware, but you may not be able to afford quite as many place settings as you would ultimately like to have. That can be especially true if you’re buying an expensive set like Fiesta Ware, but it can just […]

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Do Your Dishes Need to Match Your Kitchen?

There’s a lot of disagreement about whether your dishes need to match your kitchen or dining room. Some people say yes, of course they do – how else will your home look catalog perfect? Other people don’t even bother to make sure the dishes match each other, much less their surroundings. The answer to this […]

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Eco-Friendly Considerations for Dinnerware?

A lot of us don’t give much thought to what we eat on. We grab whatever’s available, whether that’s a paper plate, cheap plastic plate from Wal-Mart, or a high-end porcelain place setting. That’s unfortunate. There are a number of issues you should think about before you buy a set of plates or plop your […]

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