Yellow Dinnerware & Place Settings

Although yellow is an uncommon color for dinnerware and place settings, it’s a good color if you can find it. Yellow is a known appetite stimulant, and it also makes your food – especially fresh fruits and veggies – look great against the yellow backdrop. Think of how great green beans or asparagus would look on yellow dinnerware.

Yellow is also known as a happy color. It’s been shown to make people feel optimistic, and studies have even shown that your brain secretes more serotonin (a feel-good hormone) when you see yellow. Think sunflowers, marigolds, lemon freshness, and spring. Oh, and Easter peeps 🙂

Check out some of my favorite yellow dinnerware and place settings below. To get more info on your favorites, simply click them and you’ll be taken to the merchant’s page so you can either learn more or make a purchase. Bear in mind that for some place settings, the picture shows a different color. Their inclusion here just means that the merchant offers it in yellow, too – so you may have to click on the specific piece to go see it in yellow.

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