Black Dinnerware & Place Settings

Most of us are accustomed to seeing food on white plates. Since most food has some color, it’s easiest to appreciate the overall look of the food against a light or white background. Still, some dishes can look especially dramatic against a black background, and some of us just like black dinnerware.

I’m particularly fond of using black dinnerware for any kind of pasta with a white cream sauce. I make an amazing Bechamel sauce with fettucini noodles and it always looks amazing against my black dinnerware. The dish itself is mostly white, and I often spice it up a bit with a few dashes of cayenne pepper for heat (and color) or a few grilled pepper strips across the top. Either way, it’s both delicious and gorgeous.

Anyway, I won’t sit here talking about black dinnerware and place settings all day. That’s not why you’re here. I’ve gathered some of the best black dinnerware around the web, and I hope you enjoy them.

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