Portmeirion Dinnerware Sets

If you’re a fan of sweet, simple, and feminine dishes, you’ll love Portmeirion Dinnerware. If you’re not already familiar with Portmeirion dinnerware, know that it comes from the same company that brings us the Spode and Royal Worcester brands. Portmeirion place settings tend to relatively high end and expensive, but they’re great if you’re prepared to make a serious long-term dinnerware investment.

Portmeirion dinnerware is a British brand, and you can kind of see it in the designs. Portmeirion place settings have a distinctly classic look, and they lean towards more feminine designs. Birds, floral motifs, and lighter colors are very common among their dinnerware pieces. They also have classic plain white designs, if you like to keep things very simple and elegant.

Many, if not all of the nicer dinnerware sets from Portmeirion are dishwasher and microwave safe. Take care to check before you buy, though, as things can always change. I think my personal favorite Portmeirion pieces are the bird and hummingbird sets, though their simple colored place settings are also very nice.

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