Mikasa Dinnerware & Place Settings

Mikasa has a long-standing reputation for quality and elegant style, and their latest pieces are no exception. A typical Mikasa place setting is either simple and white, or white and accented with small bursts of color or metals.

If you’re in the market for a new set of Mikasa place settings, you can expect to spend around $30-50 for most of their 4 and 5-piece place settings, or $100+ for a 16-piece dinnerware set. Most of Mikasa’s place settings are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Lenox Dinnerware Sets

Lenox Dinnerware sets are an excellent choice for a traditionalist who enjoys a quality piece with a classy look. Lenox is the only manufacturer of bone china here in the United States, which could account for the slightly higher price.

You can purchase Lenox Dinnerware Sets by clicking on the images below. Nearly all sets can be purchased as sets or by the piece. Just visit the store and use its search function to locate similar pieces in the Lenox collection that interests you.

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Dansk Dinnerware

Dansk Dinnerware is made by Dansk Corporation, a housewares company that’s been around for over 50 years now. Their dinnerware sets are contemporary, but offer timeless style. Dansk describes their philosophy by saying, “Every product should be stylish as well as functional.”

They’re also extremely functional. Nearly all place settings and pieces from Dansk Dinnerware are both dishwasher and microwave safe. That makes it perfect for any home with children (or men, in some cases!).

Kosta Boda Dinnerware

Kosta Boda is a brand I’ve always loved. They don’t make a lot of everyday dishes, but they do make some of the highest quality glassware you’ll find anywhere. Many of their pieces are more art than functional housewares, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions. My personal favorite (and something I intend to buy as soon as I move to the new place) is their tumbler collection. They’re not cheap, but I love the way they look like swirling colorful smoke. The black ones would be amazing for a fancy Halloween dinner party, and the green ones could be a lovely addition to a Christmas table. The tumblers come from Kosta Boda’s “Mine” collection, and you can see several pieces from that collection below.

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Stoneware Dinnerware Sets

Stoneware dinnerware is different from normal glass or clay dishes because it’s fired at an extremely high temperature to minimize scratches and chips. Generally speaking, it’s safe to put your stoneware dishes in the dishwasher or use them for everyday meals.

Stoneware is typically pretty affordable, too, which makes it easy to accumulate a couple of sets to swap in and out with the seasons or holidays.

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Gorham Flatware

Gorham flatware is not what you buy when you’re setting up your first apartment – unless, perhaps, you’re a Hilton. Gorham makes extremely nice, classic flatware that you use for a lifetime. It’s not the cheap stuff you buy at Target and proceed to bend, drop in the garbage disposal, or otherwise ruin within the first few years of owning it. It’s what you ask for at your wedding…or what you buy for dinner parties in your nice house in the quiet republican neighborhood 🙂

Anyway, my personal favorite is probably the Elemental Copper, given that it’s classic with just a hint of the unusual (the color). It’s dishwasher safe, and it will set you back about $100/place setting – though Gorham has settings as low as ~$50 each, on up into the hundreds or even thousands.

Oneida Dinnerware

Oneida is one of the country’s oldest and most successful housewares companies. Founded in 1880, Oneida continues to produce very high quality, mid-priced dinnerware and place settings. Oneida dinnerware is characterized by fairly simple, classic designs. Much of the Oneida dinnerware featured below is bright and cheerful, which would make it perfect to brighten up a drab dining room, but equally great for a sunny breakfast nook. I know it would be hard to stay sleepy when taking breakfast on many of the plates below.

What do you think? Any favorites in the Oneida collection? You can click on any of the links to get a closer look or make a purchase.

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Nikko Dinnerware Sets

Nikko is a company that manufactures fine bone china, which makes an extremely high-quality and chip resistant product by mixing bone ash with clay. Nikko has a reputation for extremely high quality china due to a high firing temperature and good craftsmanship, and you can buy it at most big stores that carry fine china.

That said, vegans must take note – bone china DOES contain bone, so many vegans and vegetarians prefer not to buy it. If that’s not an issue for you, though, check out the styles below.

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Fiesta Dinnerware & Serving Dishes

Fiesta Ware is a brand of high-quality dinnerware that is generally sold at kitchen and bath retailers or major department stores. Prices for Fiesta Dinnerware sets typically ranges from $10 for a single plate or dish up to $200 or more for an entire set of flatware or dinnerware.

As a brand, Fiesta Ware products are characterized by bright colors and a general sense of whimsy. On their own, pieces may appear plain or basic, but when grouped on a dinner table with pieces of complementary colors, the effect is quite captivating.

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Gibson Botanical Charm Purple Dinnerware

Not long ago, I was looking for purple dinnerware as a gift. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anywhere, and I must have checked half a dozen stores and another dozen or more e-commerce sites. There were a few styles, but nothing with the deep purple color or fun but modern look I was after.

Then today (long after I bought a different dinnerware set), I came across the Gibson Botanical Charm Purple Dinnerware set. Love at first site. It’s reasonably-priced, happy, and the exact deep purple shade I was looking for.  Also, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s made of Durastone, which is a type of durable stoneware.

What do you think? Do you like the Gibson Botanical Charm Purple Dinnerware set? You can either click the link here or click on the image to get a closer look.

Gibson Dinnerware, Botanical Charm Purple 16 Piece Set
Gibson Dinnerware, Botanical Charm Purple 16 Piece Set
Price: $150.0
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